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Save Saint Leo: The Website of the St. Leo Preservation Society of Columbus, Ohio

The Restoration

St. Leo was founded in 1903 and was the spiritual home for hundreds of families on the South Side of Columbus. But, the years had taken their toll on the inside and the outside of the church.

The mortar of the brick was crumbling; the roof needed to be replaced; the windows were in need of refinishing; the steps needed to be replasted; plaster was cracked and crumbling from water damage; mouldings were damaged; woodwork required refinishing; old carpet covered the hardwood floors; the interior needed repainting.

On July 1, 1999, St. Leo Church was closed and the parish suppressed. Michael R. Wolf was appointed caretaker and began raising funds to undertake the daunting task of restoration.

In the last six years, Mike has gotten the best workers and craftsmen for the best prices, and has overseen a vast amount of exterior and interior restoration work.

Exterior work:

  • Each window had to be scraped, sanded and the paint removed, primed and caulked and given two coats of finish paint
  • The old roof was replaced with a new one and new gutters were installed.
  • The old limestone steps were replaced.
  • The work of tuck pointing the brick was begun.

Interior work:

  • Water damage from masonry leaks was repaired and plaster was redone
  • Damaged mouldings were rebuilt
  • Walls were primed and painted
  • New stencils were created to redo the decorative finish work
  • Sound system was replaced
  • Old carpet removed and floor tiles scraped and refurbished
  • Kneelers were rebuilt and repaired
  • Pews were scraped, sanded, cleaned and revarnished
  • Floor was sanded and refinished
  • All marble was cleaned and polished
  • Stations of the Cross were repainted

Thanks are due to These Individuals

Martin Cataline

Pat Davis

Bob Deibold

Bill Doughton

Kenny Elflein

Rich Elflein

Rick Elflein

Donna Grundy

Roy Hedrick

Rocky Johnson

Tim Keeling

Sheila Lutz

Fr. Bernard McClory

Joanne Mase

Greg Meir

Jim Meier

Paul Melton

Jim Merrick

Dave & Lori Mitchell

Jim & Betty Moore

Doug Rhodes

Doug Sauer

Ken Sauer

John & Maria Starrett

Tim Stypinski

Andy Wolf

Dan Wolf

Jim Wolf

Joe Wolf

Leigh Wolf

Mike Wolf


Pat Wolf


and to Frances Melton


for being there every step of the way

And to These Companies:

Baumann Plumbing

Mick Baumann

Ed Baumann

John Baumann


Cisco Masonry

Vern Cisco

Chuck Conforia

Dan Felkner


Lancaster Hardwood Flooring


Link Llewellyn



Murray Tool Rental

Terry More

Andy Moore


Robers Flooring


Roberts Electric

Don Robers


Rick Roberts


South Texas Drywall


Wilson Floor


Wolf Metals, Inc.

Chuck Wilson


Jim Wolf




All American Welding

Chuck Radich

  Kenny Radich

Fox Marble Company


Denny Fox





Ace Lock & Safe Company


John Komives


Saving St. Leo DVD

This detailed photographic record of the restoration work on the church is a moving testimonial of the time and effort put into restoring the interior, exterior, and art treasures of the Church. Background organ music by Rev. Kevin Lutz.


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